Steps for change paypal page background, logo and design

1. Log in to your PayPal account at
The My Account Overview page appears.

2. Click the Profile subtab
The Profile Summary page appears.
Your account profile has three sections:
– Account Information
– Financial Information
– Selling Preferences

3. Sel l ing Preferences
Custom payment pages link
click here to co-brand the paypal checkout pages with your logo and colors
Custom payment page display like below

4. Adding or Edi t ing a Page Style

5. Click the Add button or the Edit button
Enter your custom page style preferences:
– Page Style Name (required) – Enter a name up to 30 characters long. The name can
contain letters, numbers, and underscores but no other symbols or spaces. The Page Style
Name is used to refer to the page style in your PayPal account and in the page_style
HTML variable for your Website Payment buttons.
– Header Image URL (optional) – Enter the URL for an image that should appear at the
top left of the payment page. Maximum size of the image is 750 pixels wide by 90 pixels
high; larger images are reduced to this size. The image must be in a valid graphics format
such as gif, jpg, or png.
– Header Background Color (optional)
Enter the background color for the header using HTML hex code. The color code must
be six digits long and should not contain the # symbol. If the Header Image URL is
present, the header is a 750 pixel wide by 90 pixel high space at the top of the payment
page. If the Header Image URL is not present, the header height is only 45 pixels high.
– Header Border Color (optional)
Enter the border color for the header using HTML hex code. The color code must be six
digits long and should not contain the # symbol. The header border is a two-pixel
perimeter around the header space.
– Background Color (optional)
Enter the background color for the payment page using HTML hex code. The color
code must be six digits long and should not contain the # symbol.

6. Click the Preview button to view a mock-up of your page style, or click the Save button to save it.

How to copy / transfer files from one server to another?

Before 20 days I had one task, in which I need to copy / transfer image files from one server to another dynamically.

To fulfill my requirement I used php “libcurl” library, which created by Daniel Stenberg, and allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different types of protocols.

Follow the under given steps to copy / transfer files from one server to another using curl :

Step : 1 : Copy and use the under given code in your php script

$ch = curl_init ("Source file’s complete url”);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_BINARYTRANSFER,1);
$rawdata = curl_exec($ch);
// Check if any error occured 
  $fp = fopen(“Destination file’s complete url”, 'w');
  fwrite($fp, $rawdata);
curl_close ($ch);

Step : 2 : Replace

"Source file’s complete url”


Step : 3 : And replace

“Destination file’s complete url”

according to your requirement.

That’s it.

So now you are able to copy / transfer files from one server to another.

I hope this will help you….!!

How to Install PHP PEAR in Wamp on Windows ?

1. Open Command Prompt (cmd) or Go to Start and run write down cmd
2. Change your directory to where your php wampserver is currently install


3. Now change your path to currently php version

4. Now The command for installing pear is
—> go-pear.bat


Now your pear is install


Solving USPS International Shipping Issue with CRE Loaded

About 15 January, I found a problem with USPS shipping method in CRE Loaded PCI CE v6.4.1.
It didn’t show any international shipping method outside United States.

It was a problem because of some changes in USPS shipping API in 2011.
To solve that problem, I found a new file for USPS shipping module.

First download the attached usps.docx file by clicking here….

And uninstall USPS shipping module from your CRE Loaded site admin.

Now follow the under given steps.

Step : 1 : Replace all the code of “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file with attached usps.docx file content.

Step : 2 : Now you need to make some changes in code replaced “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file.
On line 93
Replace the code

'1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International' . $this->FirstClassIntType


/* Changes Start : For USPS International Shipping Method (2011) */
// '1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International' . $this->FirstClassIntType 
'1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International Package**'
/* Changes End : For USPS International Shipping Method (2011) */

That’s it!
Save “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file,
Install USPS shipping module.
And check it.

USPS International Shipping Method should work fine for your CRE Loaded Site.

I hope this will help you….!

Convert gzinflate code into HTML and customize footer, header of your blogs

I am currently having some problems with a coded wordpress theme footer, header and sidebar.
Sometimes, we are found this type of code in footer.php and header.php files, like

<?php $16C6797214BDD4CC97CFEB8DD47A3="VVNBIEFyZWEgQ29kZXM8L2E+LCBhbmQgPGEgaHJlZj0iaHR0cDovL3d3dy50YWxrcm


k8L2Rpdj4NCjwvZGl2Pg0KPC9ib2R5Pg0KDQo8L2h0bWw+IA0KICAgIA==";echo(base64_decode($QD2816C6797214BDD4CC97CFEB8DD47A3)); ?>

Now, if you customize your footer, there are many ways possible for customization. We know to ways which are very easiest.


(1)    First, identify your footer.php code, in which is encrypted. Find Online converter on the internet.
There are so many tools to online converter for encrypted code.

After converted you code, you put this code in footer.php or header.php and you can customize as per your requirements.

(2)    Second way is very simple for programmer or Developer to customize footer. With using of firebug in Mozilla firefox browser. Nowdays there are in almost firebug in all browsers. So we can easily customize it. See, under figure.

In above figure, as per HTML code we can copy and replace with gzinflate code or other encrypted code. Now we can customize footer as per requirements, put our owns links and logos and copy-rights. For better results check HTML code from header.php to footer.php and put closing </div> tags which early started in header.php file.

Now, we can customize our blogs footer as well as header.

How to use magento grid to display master database value

I recently ran into this problem while I was building new customer module that use admin side grid with master child releationship

then i found solution like this

At one point I need to access value customer name that in save in master table

I create a database like this

CREATE TABLE 'gallary' (

`gallary_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,

`customer_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (`gallary_id`)


Then create collection without join table it display id not master value

/app/code/local/<your interface>/<your modulename>/block/adminhtml/<modulename>/Grid.php

protected function _prepareCollection()


$collection = Mage::getModel('modulename/classname')->getCollection();


return parent::_prepareCollection();


To display customer name of customer id that we get in our collection I create one array collection that have in customer[id] and customer[name], and this is assign to  grid column  with column type= option

Like this

/app/code/local/<your interface>/<your modulename>/block/adminhtml/<modulename>/Grid.php

protected function _prepareColumns()

$customers= array();
$collection = Mage::getResourceModel('customer/customer_collection')
 $customers = array();
 foreach( $collection as $customer){
 $customers[] = array('value' => $customer['entity_id'], 'label'=> $customer['name']);

foreach ($customers as $customer){



$this->addColumn('customer', array(

'header'    =>  Mage::helper('classname')->__('Customer'),

'width'     =>  '200',

'index'     =>  'customer_id',

'type'      =>  'options',

'options'   => $customers,


return parent::_prepareColumns();


And magic is display all row  of customer column display their respective customer name.

Enjoy  magento ;

How to solve save data problem into table with cakephp?

Answer: Here i have given example to save data into table
Step 1:
Create table
`title` varchar(50) DEFAULT ‘0’,
`created` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
`modified` datetime DEFAULT NULL,

Step 2:
Controller file controllers/titles_controller.php

class TitlesController extends AppController
	var $helpers = array ('Html','Form');
	var $name = 'Titles';
	function index()
		$this-> Title ->recursive = 0;
		$this->set('title', $this->paginate());
	function add()
		if (!empty($this->data))
			if ($this->Title->save($this->data))
				$this->Session->setFlash('Your title has been saved.');

Step 3:
Model file title.php
NOTE: You have to check model file when your data is not saved if there is any field required true in the validation component and that field not exist into your form then data is not save into your table problem occurs

class Title extends AppModel {
	var $name = 'Title';
  var $validate = array('title'=>array('rule'=>'notEmpty','message'=>'Please Enter Title','allowEmpty'=>false,'required'=>false));

step 4:
View file save into app/views/titles/ folder add.ctp file

 echo $this->Form->create('Title'); 


  __('Add Title');  


 echo $this->Session->flash();  
		echo $this->Form->input('title');


 echo $this->Form->end(__('Submit', true)); 

Now successfully your data saved