Convert gzinflate code into HTML and customize footer, header of your blogs

I am currently having some problems with a coded wordpress theme footer, header and sidebar.
Sometimes, we are found this type of code in footer.php and header.php files, like

<?php $16C6797214BDD4CC97CFEB8DD47A3="VVNBIEFyZWEgQ29kZXM8L2E+LCBhbmQgPGEgaHJlZj0iaHR0cDovL3d3dy50YWxrcm


k8L2Rpdj4NCjwvZGl2Pg0KPC9ib2R5Pg0KDQo8L2h0bWw+IA0KICAgIA==";echo(base64_decode($QD2816C6797214BDD4CC97CFEB8DD47A3)); ?>

Now, if you customize your footer, there are many ways possible for customization. We know to ways which are very easiest.


(1)    First, identify your footer.php code, in which is encrypted. Find Online converter on the internet.
There are so many tools to online converter for encrypted code.

After converted you code, you put this code in footer.php or header.php and you can customize as per your requirements.

(2)    Second way is very simple for programmer or Developer to customize footer. With using of firebug in Mozilla firefox browser. Nowdays there are in almost firebug in all browsers. So we can easily customize it. See, under figure.

In above figure, as per HTML code we can copy and replace with gzinflate code or other encrypted code. Now we can customize footer as per requirements, put our owns links and logos and copy-rights. For better results check HTML code from header.php to footer.php and put closing </div> tags which early started in header.php file.

Now, we can customize our blogs footer as well as header.

One Response to “Convert gzinflate code into HTML and customize footer, header of your blogs”

  1. base64 encode Says:

    great tut, thank you

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