Parse csv file with column name as key

Whenever we are dealing with CSV, we fill that we can get value of CSV row as array. Therefore, I come with this small solution for parse CSV like array structure

We taken column name as key and find value of that row using key index.
Here is the code example.

To get column name as key, we create a class. using this class, you can get array of array of CSV that with column name as an array key.


class csvParse
  var $mappings = array();

  function parseFile($filename)
//open the file
    $id = fopen($filename, "r"); 
/*This will get us the main column names */
    $data = fgetcsv($id, filesize($filename)); 

       $this->mappings = $data;

    while($data = fgetcsv($id, filesize($filename)))
            foreach($data as $key => $value)
               $converted_data[$this->mappings[$key]] = addslashes($value);
	/* put each line into  its own entry in  the $table array   */
            $table[] = $converted_data; 
   //close file
    return $table;




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