How to crop/resize image using php with jquery?

Step 1: Your root folder is uploadcrop

Step 2: create uploadcrop ->upload_crop.php file with upload_crop.docx file code
Download upload_crop.php file from here

Step 3: Download and put below js files into uploadcrop ->js folder with jquery-pack.js and jquery.imgareaselect-0.3.min.js filenames.
Download jquery-pack.js file from here
Download jquery.imgareaselect-0.3.min.js file from here

Step 4: Create uploadcrop ->upload_pic folder and put iamge with resized_pic.jpg name.

Step 5: Run http://localhost/uploadcrop/upload_crop.php file and select your file from click on browse button.

Step 6: By default you can crop 100*100 resized image from the large image.

Step 7: You can also change cropped image size from upload_crop.php file line no. 10 and 11.

 $thumb_width = "100";					// Width of thumbnail image
$thumb_height = "100";					// Height of thumbnail image 

Step 7: When you click on Save thumbnail button your cropped image saved.

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One Response to “How to crop/resize image using php with jquery?”

  1. Suc Tre IT Says:

    Thank u
    But upload is limited because many do not upload the image will replace the previous upload and no maximum height for the image resize

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