How to get index of checkbox on the base of checkbox value?

Before fifteen days, in my task I required to get index of checkbox from checkbox array on the base of checkbox value.
There were about 70 to 80 checkboxes in an array.

And I need an index of particular checkbox when I give value of that checkbox.

At that time I found a solution to use “Array.indexOf(searchStr[, startIndex])” method of javascript.

But it was not a proper solution, because javascript “Array.indexOf(searchStr[, startIndex])” method is not supported in Internet Explorer and older browsers.

So I used following javascript function to get index of particular checkbox.

function get_index_by_value(checkbox_array, value_to_search)
	for(var i=0; i< checkbox_array.length; i++)
    	if(checkbox_array [i].value == value_to_search)
     		return i;

Above function have two arguments.

First one is checkbox_array and second is value_to_search.

By calling get_index_by_value function with correct arguments, it returns the index of checkbox where the given value has been found.

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