Jquery Load a file Without Iframe.

Jquery is a framework of Javascript. It is a well documented framework.

I m just giving information about load a file in DIV or in anyother object


<div id="loadcleanupwizard"></div>

here suppose you have no content in the given div and you want to load a content from another file like .html, .php or etc… so you can do this with jquery

i have one file name is cleanupwizard.html so i am loading that file into div.

JQuery Code


I hope this will be usefull to you.

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Update Join in Mysql Query

Its very difficult to write and ambiguous task to write a select query when doing update.

so mysql provide us Update Join Query

its syntax is quite different than sql and oracle to write update join


update your_table your_table alias
inner join your_inner_join_table your_inner_join_table_alias
ON your_table.primary_id = your_inner_join_table.co_relational_primary_id
set your_table_update_field = value
where <condition> 


Update specials s inner join products p
on p.products_id=s.products_id
set s.specials_new_products_price = p.products_price-2
where p.products_price < s.specials_new_products_price

i hope this will help you
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How to compress directory into Zip file in php

Some Hosting Server has no facility to compress the directory or files into zip file so that if our data is too larger then we can’t download the directory manually using ftp because it is taking too much time to download it.

The following code is the way by using you can compress your directory.


ini_set('max_execution_time', 8000);

// Create an object
$zip = new ZipArchive();

// Create the Zip or Archive file
if ($zip->open('backup.zip', ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== TRUE)
die ("Could not open archive");

// Pass the Directory which you want to compress
$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new RecursiveDirectoryIterator("C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-"));

// Add each file of the directory into the Archive file
foreach ($iterator as $key=>$value)
$zip->addFile(realpath($key), $key) or die ("ERROR: Could not add file: $key");

// Close and Save the Archive data
echo "Archive created successfully.";

Find the Following code from the above given code for compressing the directory into Zip file.

$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new RecursiveDirectoryIterator("C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-"));

And write your directory name with actual path where your directory exist. That’s it.

I hope this will help you.

How to display product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price at wishilist page in CRE Loaded?

Before few days we have found a problem that product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price are not displaying at wishlist page.

Then to solve this issue and to display product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price at wishlist page we have done one change in “templates/content/wishlist.tpl.php” file.

And the change is,

On line 123 comment the under give code

$data = implode(",", $data);


// $data = implode(",", $data);

That’s it.

Hope this will help you…..

What’s New in ProShow Gold 4

1. New Interface: the look of the version 4 is more cleaner and a bit batter than version 3.

2. Audio editing Improved. It’s now easier to adjust your music to fit your show.

3. Post Video directly to YouTube

4. Slide Styles. If you want to use motion in your slide shows, slide styles are a great excuse to pay for an upgrade to

version 4.

Show Rockstories module in Module manager in JOOMLA

When I installed Rockstories modules in my Joomla site. I couldn’t see in Module manager. I tried wasting lots of time but after sometime I got solution. And now I can see Rockstories module in Module manager. Now it’s listing with other modules.

Follow the steps to install Rockstories Module:

1) After installing Rockstories Module from Extension Manager, you have to follow following steps.

Open Module manager and Click on the “New” button

It will opened lightbox window, now you can see that module and click on that one so it will added in Module Manager List.

Now, we can see it in Module manager.

After installing process, you can customize in front in Joomla site.