How to increase the History in Photoshop?

You may be already gone through that bad feeling of clicking “undo” many times but you have realized that Photoshop don’t provide you that many steps you need to get back but this problem can be easily solved by changin History States setting from “Edit > Preferences > Performance”menu.

There are many efficient ways of going back & forward in your projects like using the “Snapshots” feature, which are essentially confortable of your work that you can go back to. If you use Undo a lot and thinking of adding more History States then set it around ’30’ and be aware that adding too many History States on a single image will normally relsult in using so much RAM & if you have less than 2 GB of RAM then you should not use that Undo feature often!

Note: you can add upto 1000 History State levels in Photoshop

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