Magento: Change or Translate Text

Hello friends,

A month ago, while working with magento product attributes, we had a requirement to change the “Choose an Option…” text in dropdown option.

To satisfy our requirement we searched the forums and got many solutions.

But all the solutions were not up to the mark, and some suggested changes in the magento core part.

Then at last we have got a valuable solution, which is as under.

In magento there is a “.csv” file structure to change or translate text.

Within “/app/design/frontend/yournamespace/yourtheme/locale/yourlanguage /” translate.csv file is available. (If it is not available then create it.)

Now in that file, in new row, add “Choose an Option…” text in first column and add “any text to change” in second column. And save the file.

What exactly happens is that magento first checks our “translate.csv” file and checks for the translation text. Here it is taking first column as a base text. If we have written anything in the second column then it takes it as a translation text of the first column. So when we write our custom text in the second column, it actually thinks that our custom text is the translation of first column text and displays it. If we write nothing in the second column then it will display nothing. And if we don’t define any text in the file at all then it will take the default value from the original translation file of magento.

Yes, we have done that. Means the “Choose an Option…” text has been replaced with our customized text.

So now it is working fine for us. And there is nothing hard in implementing above solution.

Look the above solution is not only for “Choose an Option…” text, but one can change or translate any text with it.

For Example: If we want to change or translate “* Required Fields”, “Add to Cart”, “Add to Wishlist” or any such a text then it is very useful.

Hope this will help you.


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