URL Redirection in Magento

Today I am going to share a simple URL rewriting in Magento if you’re not familiar with it. If you’re newbie in Magento, deleting a product and creating another product with the same name will need the URL rewriting as the newly created product cannot take the old URL as it is already present in the Magento. So for getting rid out of that old URL all you have to do is delete that URL from the “Catalog à URL Rewrite Management” and that’s it. The old URL is now yours! There is also another method to use that old URL.

Follow this process to do so.

  1. Go to URL Rewrite Management from Catalog –> URL Rewrite Management
    URL Rewrite Management
  2. Click on “Add URL Rewrite” to redirect a URL.
    Add New URL Rewrite
  3. Select “Custom” URL redirection from the given options.
    Select Custom URL Redirection
  4. Fill-out the blank fields of “ID Path” with a unique name, “Request Path” with a URL where you want your URL to be redirected, “Target Path” with from where you want your page to be redirected and select “Permanent (301)”.
    Add URL Rewrite Description

If you follow the steps, you will be able to redirect your new URL to the old one.

Comment your feedback & queries.

One Response to “URL Redirection in Magento”

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