Negative SEO: Competitors can take you down with these nasty tricks

Nowadays there are lot of talking about some good ranking sites are taking down using Negative SEO. So let’s see how Negative SEO works.

There are a lot of ways doing negative SEO but Here I will show you some basic Negative SEO tactics.

1)      Malware, Hacks + Injection
In this, a person able to find your site’s loop holes and security vulnerabilities to inject spams and malware which changes some of your files like robots.txt. So that Search engine stops crawling your website and you’ll be out of the Google Index. No-Index means you’re out of the ranking game.

2)      Spam Reporting
you’ll be at risk when you do stuffs like buying cheap links or do other stuffs like Black hat SEO. There are chances that your website will be spam reported by your competitor if they able to find out what you’re doing for manipulating your rankings. When this happens, Google may take a look at your website and able to find what you’re doing with your website seeing all the backlinks and BH stuffs, obviously your site will be taken down. So stay away from things which Google don’t accept in raking your site on top.

3)      Pointing Nasty Links to your site
now this one is the biggest of all, which is pointing tons of very low quality backlinks to your websites using automated soft-wares like Xrumer, ScrapeBox, etc. With these software your competitors are able to point thousands of very low quality backlinks in a day and again this type of work is out of Google Guidelines.

So if you want your website prevent from these nasty Negative SEO trick than always optimize your websites within Google Guidelines. Don’t try to manipulate your ranking using Black Hat SEOs.

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