Magento Debugging

Hello friends,

Development in any platform without debugging is tough task. And the same rule applies for magento application development.

But we don’t need to worry, because magento provides several debugging techniques.

Where the first technique to debug magento is system and exception log.

To get the detailed information about magento system and exception log follow the under given link:

And the second technique is to enable template path hints and block names.

In magento file structure it is difficult to identify the correct file to edit. But by enabling template path hints it can be easily done.

Template path hints are guiding tags which are displaying on store frontend.

These tags guide you to view where exactly the code of a specific template element or block is stored within the magento file structure.

Now to enable the template path hints login to your magento admin panel.

Go to System -> Configuration from header menu.

Select “Main Website” or name of your website from the “Current Configuration Scope” dropdown on top left corner of page.

Select “Developer” from left sidebar.

Open the “Debug” section.

Set “Template Path Hints” to “Yes”.

And click on “Save and Continue” button to make the changes take effect.

Now you are able to see template path hints red tags on frontend.

Here if you want to allow your IP to use developer functionality on the website, list your IP in “Allowed IPs” textbox in “Developer Client Restrictions” section.

Hope this will help you.


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