Say “Hi” to Google Penguin

Google Penguin UpdateIf you’re a blogger or a website owner you might know about the Latest Google algorithm update to prevent web-spam and penalize low quality spam websites and reward high quality websites. This algorithm update was known as “Web-Spam” update but they later named it “Penguin”.

Google Penguin rolled out on 24th April. Earlier Panda Update was launched to punish websites with content farms and to degrading websites using copied content to encourage Quality Content. Google Penguin is here to degrade websites with back-links spam and using black hat methods to promote websites which are out of Google guidelines. Starting from the 24th April a lot of websites downgraded using this type of out of Google Guideline work. The penalized websites were spamming websites to get back-links to their websites.

If you’re website got penalized by Penguin then check the following steps to get recover:

  1. Don’t use hidden text and links
    Hidden links are considered as black hat method and Penguin hates it!
  2. Don’t use methods like cloaking and shady redirects
    This one is already out of the Google Guideline update and make your website free from it if you’re using it right now.
  3. Control your Outbound links
    Giving links to so many spam websites will also make your website considered as SPAM.
  4. Say no to Keyword Stuffing
    keyword stuffing is already a Black Hat.
  5. Stop Link Spamming
    Stop using automated softwares for getting backlinks.

You can send your website for reconsideration if you’ve been hit by the Penguin, but I personally believe that you should not. As Google itself will remove you from “Penalized” group while crawling your website next time after you make your website spam free though you can submit the reconsideration form for your website. Do mention “Penguin Update” there while reconsideration.

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