Some Penguin Friendly Link Building Tips

Google Penguin Friendly Link BuildingAs the Penguin update rolled out many websites’ ranking goes up and down, there are question about which link building methods to follow to stay away from Penguin penalty. Many traditional link building methods were and now being penalized after Penguin came. So here I’m going to show you some link building methods which will continue to help you websites’ ranking grow up in this Penguin Crisis. So now let’s get straight to the Point.

  • Get More Social, Power Your Fan-base
    Social signal will be more important than ever in this year of 2012. Share your content on all the social networks you have. The likes, re-tweets, +1s will give your content boost to get rank higher. There are also possibilities of getting your content viral which can get you a lot of traffic.
  • Link Your Inner-Pages
    When it comes to link building, many people are making mistake of only doing link building for the Website Home Page. If you continue linking a lot for your website Google may penalize you. If you check the links of major website, you’ll find out that those websites have also their inner pages linked enough and some times more than the homepage. So start link building for your inner pages too.
    It’s not only about getting external links for your inner pages but internal linking is also important. Internal links are also highly important. is the best example of internal link building. They are master at internal link building. So get used to link your inner pages.
  • Differentiate Your Anchor Texts
    Penguin has penalized many websites using only one keyword as their anchor tag. Try using many different keywords for anchor tags. Google like natural link building and getting links with same anchor makes Google to put your website in the suspicious list. Differentiate you Anchor texts with “read more”, “click here”, “learn more”, etc.
  • Focus on Quality, not Quantity
    Google doesn’t prefer the quantity of links your website getting but it is actually prefers the quality links. A quality link is better than a Hundred of non-quality links and from now on Google going to penalize you website if it’s having a large amount of links from untrustworthy sites.
    This penalty is here because of the automated softwares which are used in mass link building. So this type of spam mass link building will not get your website up but may take your website down in rankings.
  • Make Your Content Link-Worthy
    Try writing on interesting topics which people would love to share and link back. If your visitors leave you site because of not having interesting content to make them stay, your bounce rate will be increased and with high bounce rate you’re not going to climb the Ranking Ladder.
    With good and catchy content your visitors will stay longer and they might re-tweet it and re-share it, thus the good user experience will end-up in good and strong presence of your website with rankings.

These are the safest ways to get your website linked without any penalty in future as all the tips are in Google Guidelines.

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