10 Myths which panics SEOs Part 1

SEO Myths Part 1There are so many myths roaming around the SEO world, it is the reason why most of the SEOs worry about some SEO tactics. For now, we have collected 10 Myths to stop worry about. So Read On!

  1. Too many Links from single domain
    You might be one of them who think that too many links from one domain will harm your rankings. This happens when someone links your website in the BlogRoll and you’ll get links from all the pages showing that BlogRoll which might be thousands if the website is large. The thing is it doesn’t harm you at all if the website don’t have spam pages. Google knows that placing a link in BlogRoll give a plenty of links that’s why it doesn’t penalize you for that. If you’re not comfortable with the website linking to you, you can request the webmaster for removing you link.
  2. Someone building spam links to the website
    People started worrying about this specially after Google Penguin update.  Don’t panic about if someone tries to build spammy links to your website. Just try to build your website with great content, great links with great user experience. Try making your website which is loved by people visiting every day and can’t live without. Having this type of website, doesn’t get harmed by these type of spammy links. So focus on building great website.
  3. High Keyword Density
    This is one is widely spread myth and most of the SEO still thinks that having High Keyword density degrade your website ranking. If you try to write article naturally then don’t fright about the keyword density you’re having. Keyword Density will not help you in getting your pages rank high but it may be used to set spam flag. Years ago Bing did say that “Yes, keyword density, we might look at that as a signal of how we do things.” If you write content naturally and you’ve got a good user experience and keyword density does happen with the ecommerce websites. In product page, the product name may come many times like in title, description, product name, etc. but this is natural.
  4. Re-publishing and scraping data
    Does someone copy scrap your blog and post your contents elsewhere and you think that because of this Google will penalize you. Then you’re wrong. You should be feel proud that you’re content is good enough to copy and most of the time when someone copies your content he will give you link back! So you’re getting back-links for that, isn’t it really cool! And Google will not punish you for that; it’s not your fault. Most of the popular websites have this has this scraping problem. A lot of them are also legitimate.
  5. If Google sees my Google Analytics, they can punish me
    You might be worried about that Google can punish you if you have low engagement using Google Analytics. For your information, Google don’t do that. Sometimes it happens that some website do have low engagement because of its functionality like Q&A websites. On Q&A websites people search for answers and they went quickly after they got answers. So Google don’t punish you for that. Google has promised that the Web Spam Team and Search Quality Team don’t use data from Google Analytics.

See you in the next post with rest of the Myths about SEO.

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