Magento Downloadable Product

Hello friends,

While working with magento store, sometimes it can be a requirement of store owner to provide digital file/s as a product.

For Example: image file, music file or computer software.

Don’t worry! To satisfy the above requirement, magento facilitate downloadable product type.

Downloadable products enables customer to download one or more digital files. Those files can either be uploaded by magento admin or by server FTP.

To create a downloadable product in magento follow the under given steps:

Step 1: Login to your magento admin.

Step 2: Go to Catalog -> Manage Products.

Click on “Add Product” button.

Select the downloadable product type and click on continue button.

Step 3: Fill the basic information of product. Like: product’s name, price, description, quantity, status, visibility, meta tags, etc.

Before you add the Downloadable Information click on Save and Continue Edit button.




Step 4: Click on Downloadable Information link from left menu.

Click on “Links” tab.

Enter the proper text in Title textbox.

Click on Add New Row button.

Click on file button to browse the file or enter the url in textbox.

Then click on Upload Files button to upload the file.

Here you can also upload the sample file or give url of it.

Click the Save and Continue Edit button.


Step 5: Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Downloadable Product Options and set the “Order Item Status to Enable Downloads” to “Pending” and save.

Now we can see the downloadable product in our store front side.

Once we purchase that item, we are able to download the file from “My Downloadable Products” section of my account page.

Hope this will help you.


2 Responses to “Magento Downloadable Product”

  1. ansolinrobort (@ansolinrobort) Says:

    Valuable content that have elaborated functionality of magneto downloadable products .Great recommendations to download product as for requirement that could be only possible if it will be created as downloadable product type by by magento admin or by server FTP.Magento project management

  2. Aaron Says:

    Thanks for the tip, but i cant see any information in my downloadable products area. It’s completely blank.

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