10 Myths which panics SEOs Part 2

10 SEO Myths which scares SEOs part 2In the Last post we have discussed about 5 Myths which troubles the world of SEO. Let us discuss the rest Myths.

  1. Reciprocal links are now penalized.
    Reciprocal link building is one of the oldest practice rank well in the SERPs. This practice is still used buy not that much. At that time people used to link their friends website and others and the Reciprocal got bad word because it was spammy tactic but if you just sharing your stuff using this practice than you’re good. You should not fear about using it if it’s legitimate. Don’t Panic, just because you’re linking to something the link back won’t count.
  2. Linking without non-ideal anchor text hurts relevancy?
    I’m linking with non-ideal anchor text. Is this going to hurt me? I have this page and I want to point to it internally or externally with a link, and I wanted it to contain this anchor text, but it’s not as user-friendly and I’m worried people won’t click through on it, or it seems a little manipulative, or I just can’t get my product team to buy into that. It’s okay. Don’t panic. Don’t worry about that either. In fact, there’s a lot of suspicion in the SEO space right now that Google is looking at exact match anchor text and saying, “This stuff is not natural. This isn’t normal. Why are people linking like this?” If you have an opportunity where it fits well with user experience, fits well with the content, and the anchor text makes sense, great. Fantastic. Take that opportunity. Earn that link. But don’t stress if many of your links are pointing with a brand. This is again part of that density myth, where people think, oh, wait a minute. If 100 links point to me but 50 of them don’t have my anchor text, then I won’t rank for that. This is not a problem. You’re going to be just fine. Don’t stress.
  3. Links in the footer hurts ranking?
    There are links in my footer. I have a footer on my website. I’ve got links in there. Are those going to negatively affect me? I’ve heard lots of bad things about footer links. Most of the time, this is not a problem. Again, it goes back to the same thing that we’ve been talking about throughout this Whiteboard Friday, which is if you’re doing it for good user experience. If we take a look at one of my favorite footers, which is on Zappos.com. They have a great footer. It’s long, it’s lengthy. It almost feels too long, but it has fun stuff in there. It makes me like the company even more. It links to a lot of good things. Great, no problem. However, if you’re stuffing tons and tons of links and you’ve got a footer that, oh here’s an exact match anchor text; there’s another exact match anchor text; there’s another exact match anchor text; and I’ve got a big old list of them, and it goes all the way down my footer, you start to look like you’re manipulating the search results. We’ve actually seen people who’ve pulled these or made their footers look more natural and more user-
    experience centered, the penalties will actually be lifted. So it looks like Google algorithmically penalizes people for tons of stuffing and bad keywords in the footer. But just because it’s in the footer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Don’t stress just because of this word footer and footer links.
  4. URL without any keywords prevents page to rank well.
    Will URLs without keywords prevent me from ranking well? I don’t know where this myth came from, but there’s like this world of, “Oh, look, it’s “/123” or “/?ide=7″ instead of /keyword which I wanted to rank for.”
    This is not a tremendous problem. Certainly if you can get to the point where your URLs are keyword friendly and they’re static, that’s good. That’s best practices. You want to make it so that when someone reads your URLs offline or sees them in an email or a tweet, they go, “Oh, I bet I can guess at exactly what’s on that page,” and that’s a wonderful thing. Yes, when people copy and paste those URLs, the keywords will be in there. That’s nice. But this is not going to prevent you from ranking. You see tons of pages that rank very well that do this. I would not stress about this. I wouldn’t necessarily jump through tons of hoops to have all your URLs rewritten.
  5. Link bait/content marketing penalized eventually?
    What about link bait? I’m worried about link bait and content marketing efforts and building this great content stuff, having a blog, having infographics, and having these cool videos, because they’re not my product pages or sales pages. Won’t Google eventually penalize for this because they don’t want to see people just engaging in producing great content and earning links to their site? No. Google and Bing have both stated very specifically that they love this practice of content marketing, of doing great stuff on the Internet, even if it’s only partially or semi-relevant to your particular niche or industry or customers. This is like saying, “Hey, I have a business that hosts a bunch of events. I have a business that donates to charity. I have a business that is one of the best employers in the state.” It is interesting and does cool stuff outside of our pure product and sales process.

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