Problems with magento while upgrading to 1.7

Hello friends,
At present magento is growing more and more. Magento released the latest stable community version on 5th July 2012. And it is good practice to upgrade our magento store to latest version to get the benefits of latest version’s functionalities.
But we have seen some horror stories on the web about people who upgraded their live site without testing for errors and compatibility issues. So be sure that while upgrading magento first of all we must upgrade it in test environment and not touch the live site until the test environment comes out ok.
Here are some common problems with magento while upgrading to 1.7 discussed in detail:

Problem1: We were working with our custom theme and after upgrading magento to 1.7, when we tried to open the My Wishlist page it gave the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function setItems() on a non-object in .../app/design/frontend/base/default/template/wishlist/view.phtml on line 43

Solution: Solution of above error is: Just remove / rename the


file from your custom theme. So now it will use the wishlist.xml file from the /base/default/ theme.

Problem2: When we open the product’s view page of the product which has custom options then while loading the product page it shows the regular price of product. But when product page is completely loaded at that time product’s price becomes zero.
Solution: Just replace the


file with the



Problem3: In a customized theme we noticed that Google had stopped indexing our site. We checked and Google analytics number was still set in Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Google API -> Google Analytics and enabled. But when we checked the source code of our site, there was no Google analytics code there at all.
Solution: Solution of above problem is: Just remove / rename the


file from your custom theme. So now it will use the googleanalytics.xml file from the /base/default/ theme.

Hope this will help you.

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