How to apply a complex theme over Magento?

Hello Friends,
Applying a theme over Magento is not so easy as installing a theme in Magento. Applying a theme requires few steps to be followed one after one carefully to apply the theme.
Sometimes the theme seems too much complex because of it’s functionalities to be applied. But we think the following steps will help you to complete that.

There are some steps to begin with:

1) The theme should first be customized in pages that means you have to separate your work through pages. i.e. Home page, product view page, contact us page.

2)some pages in Magento theme are CMS pages. That means they have to be designed from admin side only. After logging in your Magento you can go to the admin>CMS>pages.

3)from here after selecting any particular page you can redesign that page as your need of theme. You can also add attractive images. Only the content part of the page can be designed from here but not the header or footer section.

4)Magento is providing .phtml and .xml files for every pages. The work related to design is all done into .phtml file of a page. i.e. you want to redesign the product view page then you have to customize the file

5)same way in the layout folder there are .xml files for each block that is called over the HTML page and we can see in the front end. If you want to enable or disable a block or want to change the place of block that can be done from here.

These are the steps to be followed nicely and you can implement your theme over Magento default theme.

Hope this will help..

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