Configure Magento Multistore with parked domain

The Magento script allows you to setup multiple stores using different domains which you would have to add as parked for your account. To setup Magento Multistore with parked domains follow this steps:

Note: This article assumes that you have already added a domain as parked for your account.

1) Login the Magento administration area

2) Navigate to “Catalog” -> “Manage Categories”

3) Click the “Add root category” button, which could be found on the left.


4) On the right side for “Name” enter your parked domain. For example : For “Is active” and “Is Anchor” select “yes” from the dropdown menu.

5) Click the “Save Category” button.

6) Now navigate to “System” -> “Manage Stores”

7) Click the “Create website” button.

8) For “Name” use (in your case your parked domain). For code use example (or one by your choice). It is important to remember these settings as you will need them later.


9) Save the website.

10) Now click on the “Create Store” button.

11) For website choose your (your parked domain) from the dropdown menu. For “Name” you may enter “Example”. For “Root Category” select your parked domain again from the dropdown menu. Hit the “Save” button.


Once saved, click the “Create Store View” button.

12) For the “Store” select “Main Store” from the dropdown menu. For “Name” enter “English”. For the code you may use one by your choice. For “Status” select “Enabled”.

13) Save the “Store View”.

14) Navigate to “System” -> Configuration

15) Change “Current Configuration Scope” from “Default Configu” to (or your parked domain).

16) From the left side menu select “Web”

17) For the “Secure” and “Unsecure” sections remove the mark for “Use Default” box. It could be found next to “Base URL”. Now enter the URL for your magento store:


(you should change that with your actual URL)

18) Click the “Save Config” button.

19) Still under “System -> Configuration” change the “Current Configuration Scope” to “Default Config”.

20) Select “Web” from the left sidebar under the General section.

21) For “URL Options -> Auto-redirect to Base URL” set to “No”.


22) Click the “Save Config” button.

23) Now using a text editor open the .htaccess file of your Magento script. Add the following lines in the end of the file:

SetEnvIf Host www\. example\.com MAGE_RUN_CODE=YOUR_CODE_HERE
SetEnvIf Host www\. example \.com MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website
SetEnvIf Host ^ example \.com MAGE_RUN_CODE=YOUR_CODE _HERE
SetEnvIf Host ^ example \.com MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website

You should change:
“example \.com” with your parked domain.

YOUR_CODE_HERE – with the actual code which you have used upon creating the store.

Done ! 🙂
Hope this will help you.

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