How to display product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price at wishilist page in CRE Loaded?

Before few days we have found a problem that product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price are not displaying at wishlist page.

Then to solve this issue and to display product’s selected attribute’s name, value and price at wishlist page we have done one change in “templates/content/wishlist.tpl.php” file.

And the change is,

On line 123 comment the under give code

$data = implode(",", $data);


// $data = implode(",", $data);

That’s it.

Hope this will help you…..

How to remove the annoying Paypal checkout button from the Shopping Cart page in CRE Loaded?

Before few days we had a requirement to remove the annoying Paypal checkout button from the Shopping Cart page.
To fulfill that requirement we just did one change in “templates/content/shoppingcart.tpl.php” file.
On line 363 comment the

echo $cre_RCI->get('shoppingcart', 'logic');

code like,

//echo $cre_RCI->get('shoppingcart', 'logic');

Solve The % Calculation mistake in coupon code module

In Cre loaded when you set a % in coupon code at that time it will not count its properly the only mistake is
there is a no proper Operator Precedence in the coupon code module

in the includes/modules/order_total/ot_copuon.php

in the function credit_calculate()

find the code

$pod_amount = tep_round($pr_c*10,2)/10*c_deduct/100;

replace with this

$pod_amount = (((tep_round($pr_c*10,2)/10)*c_deduct)/100);

Solve the The blank page of process_checkout problem in cre because of

some time there is a pull of buffer in php while doing the payment in
so checkout_process.php is not redirect the page to the checkout_success.php

so solve this problem at the end you find

tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, 'order_id='. $insert_id.'&customer_id='.$_SESSION['customer_id'], 'SSL'));

To get the solution of this problem you have declare one variable before all the sessiojn unset in the file

$payment_type_authorize = $_SESSION['payment'];

and then redirect the page with javascript by applying the condition of if(

  if($payment_type_authorize == 'authorizenet') { ?>
<script language="javascript">
  window.location  = " <?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, 'order_id='. $insert_id.'&customer_id='.$_SESSION['customer_id'], 'SSL'); ?>";
   tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, 'order_id='. $insert_id.'&customer_id='.$_SESSION['customer_id'], 'SSL'));


remove a breadcrumb in cre loaded

for removing breadcrumb you have to find $breadcrumb->trail in catalog/template/your_template_name/main_page.tpl.php

comment out that line

<!--      <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
        <tr class="headerNavigation">
            <td class="headerNavigation">&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' &raquo; '); ?></td> 

i hope this will help you very much


Remove a Default Template Button In Cre Loaded

For removing a default template button in cre you have to change in TEMPLATE_BUTTONS_USE_CSS

is acutaly check a condition in a file extra_output.html

so removing this go to the

template/your template/template.php

on line number 89


replace by this line


remove a cpatcha code case sensitivity

for working a captcha case sensitive you will have to do following changes in following file



line number 81

 if ( isset($_POST['visual_verify_code']) && tep_not_null($_POST['visual_verify_code']) && 
         isset($code_array['code']) &&  tep_not_null($code_array['code']) && 
         strcmp($_POST['visual_verify_code'], $code_array['code']) == 0)

replace this code by following code

 if ( isset($_POST['visual_verify_code']) && tep_not_null($_POST['visual_verify_code']) && 
         isset($code_array['code']) &&  tep_not_null($code_array['code']) && 
         strcmp(mb_strtolower($_POST['visual_verify_code']), mb_strtolower($code_array['code'])) == 0)

Remove cre banners and all the things from footer

in catalog/include/application_bottom.php

just comment out this part


and your footer banner is remove

How to make downloadable product in CRE Loaded?

CRE Loaded makes it easy to sell or distribute downloadable files such as software, music, videos, or eBooks. The Download Controller lets you manage downloadable files, control access to them, and determine the methods by which customers can retrieve their files.

In order to allow downloadable files in your CRE Loaded store, go to Admin => Configuration => Download.

Admin => Configuration => Download.

Set Enable download to “True.”

Download by redirect will redirect your customer’s browser from your store’s download directory to a different directory. This must be set to false for non-Unix-based systems. If you are not sure about this setting, make sure all of your downloadable files are kept in your store’s /download directory and set this value to “false.”

Expiry delay determines how long after purchase a customer can wait to download the product before the download link for the order expires.

Maximum number of downloads controls how many times a customer can download the file he or she has ordered. We recommend that this value be set to “2” to give a customer a second chance to download the product if there is a problem with their first attempt.

Update Status Value is the Order Status Value that will cause Expiry delay and Maximum number of downloads to be reset. The default value is “4.”

Download on hold message is the message that will be displayed for a customer when a download is on hold pending payment confirmation. Note that you can add html codes to format your message, although they will not be applied here in your Admin.

Order Status Value: the default value is “2” — “processing.”

Once you have set the values for Download Configuration, add the Products to your store if you have not already done so. You add downloadable Products just like you do any others. However, make sure that the Product Weight is “0.”

Create a Product Option (Section 1.2) such as “Version,” and create the appropriate Option Values.

In the Product Attributes menu there is a section for downloadable products. You can set an Expiry Delay and Maximum Download Count for each product individually if you want. If you do not set a value here, the default values you specified above in the Configuration menu will be used.

Admin => Product Catalog => Product Attributes

In the “Filename:” box, type the EXACT name of the file that will be downloaded. Double-check what you type here, because if the filename is not an EXACT match, the download will not work.

If you have not already done so, upload the file to your store’s /download directory.

You must now set permissions on your /download and /pub directories. To set the permissions, enter your website ftp address in your FTP client. Go to the /download directory, double click the folder “Includes,” then right click on the file named “configure.php.” Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu and change the value listed for permissions to 0755. Click “Apply” and “OK.” Follow the same procedure to set Permissions of your /pub directory to 0777.

We recommend that you make a few test purchases to make sure that everything is working properly. (Temporarily set the price of one of your downloadable products to 0 so that you don’t have to pay for your own product — but remember to restore the price when you are done!)

Solving USPS International Shipping Issue with CRE Loaded

About 15 January, I found a problem with USPS shipping method in CRE Loaded PCI CE v6.4.1.
It didn’t show any international shipping method outside United States.

It was a problem because of some changes in USPS shipping API in 2011.
To solve that problem, I found a new file for USPS shipping module.

First download the attached usps.docx file by clicking here….

And uninstall USPS shipping module from your CRE Loaded site admin.

Now follow the under given steps.

Step : 1 : Replace all the code of “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file with attached usps.docx file content.

Step : 2 : Now you need to make some changes in code replaced “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file.
On line 93
Replace the code

'1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International' . $this->FirstClassIntType


/* Changes Start : For USPS International Shipping Method (2011) */
// '1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International' . $this->FirstClassIntType 
'1st-Class Mail Int' => 'First-Class Mail International Package**'
/* Changes End : For USPS International Shipping Method (2011) */

That’s it!
Save “/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php” file,
Install USPS shipping module.
And check it.

USPS International Shipping Method should work fine for your CRE Loaded Site.

I hope this will help you….!